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We do the hard yards so you don't have to.

“The smartest employers recruit from a pre-qualified candidate-pool of potential employees before they need to fill a job - Dig Your Well, Before You’re Thirsty”. (Susan M. Heathfield)

At find your niche we have done the hard yards so you don’t have to. We are specialists in Market Research, Consumer Insights and Analytics with more than 20 years combined experience in the field.

We offer a comprehensive pre-qualified talent pool of high performing research, insights and analytics professionals.

We have developed our own Research and Insights specific competency based assessment tools, ensuring our candidate’s skills and development is validated with the requirements of industry in mind.

Our extensive network of clients and candidates reaches across New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific and Europe

Expect a tailored recruitment service:

We go beyond the traditional recruitment process of matching a candidate's “hard skill set” and experience with a job description.

Before accepting an assignment with you, we develop a thorough understanding of your business: your company goals, vision, culture and market dynamics in addition to the specific competencies of a given role.

Only when we have completed this due diligence do we feel we can apply our specialist understanding of the insights industry to match you with an employee that truly fits your company culture and shares your business vision

In Depth Briefing

The find your niche recruitment process begins with an in-depth briefing document.

This helps us establish details of the role, particularly the competencies, skills, abilities and aptitudes required as critical success factors for the role.

Insight & Analytics Specific Competency Based Assessment

In the next phase, after initial resume and phone screening we use a process called behavioural interviewing, or targeted selection.

This type of competency based interviewing is focused on asking specific questions, and the use of a range of skills such as listening, seeking contrary evidence, evaluating responses, and asking appropriate follow-up questions.

This allows us to collect specific examples of how a candidate has and will perform. We also offer training to Managers and Staff who wish to learn more about competency based interviewing techniques.

Psychometric Assessment

We can also offer range of psychometric tests.

The way that a person performs in a job does not solely depend upon their abilities - personality also plays a very important part.

Psychometric assessment can be used in conjunction with the above-mentioned measures and assessments to provide a more complete picture.
Different types of assessment available are:

This type of insight can benefit the employee as much as the employer with personal learning and development.

Personality profiling gives the employer a snap shot of the preferred behaviour that comes almost unconsciously along with level of ability and aptitude for the job.

A personality profile can provide a useful insight into an individual's style of behaviour and how they interact with other people.

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Reference checking

We tailor our reference checks to suit the specific competencies required for the differing roles in the research, insights and analytics sector.

Also we include additional questions / probes to evaluate specific competencies or areas of concern as directed by our clients. Once the reference process is complete we provide a verbal debrief and a full transcript if requested.